Monday, April 22, 2013

Save the Earth .... #OnEarthDay

On Earth Day today 22nd Apr'2013.
When the World will rise to protect Nature, protect the Seas, Nurture Nature and All Children and all the people around- keeping the Environment safe, healthy and sustainable ..... Indeed Each Day will be celebrated as Earth Day!  Can you make a vow, a silent promise to Take care of the Earth ? Would You ? Can You ? Will You ?

Hoping to raise consciousness through prayers and meditation,  my poems and writing .....

Wishing to Cycle myself to better health and saving the Earth in my own small ways... 
If we all stop to think of ways to Save the Earth and the Environment in small, certain ways  ; indeed it would add sum up in Saving this already shrivelled and pained Mother Earth....
(These are my views and steps, would love to hear from you and any more ideas to join in Saving Our Earth. So do pen down, oops key in and write back - would greatly appreciate it :) )
Ways to Save the Environment -
1)  Save Water 
2) Create less Pollution
3) Prevent Pollution - so much has already been said about all this.

 All I want to add to it is just this, "If you can simply walk or cycle nearby; do so. :) 
 If car pool is safe -  go ahead start one!! If you can brush your teeth using mugs of water instead of a full open running tap, do so! And don't worry, your face and teeth will sparkle all the same and that too with a halo on your head- because of the bit you tried to do to save water.
If you have stored water and not used it for a long time... please, please don't empty it into the sink.... maybe those little plants and shrubs, trees could use an extra helping (gasp, gurgle) of water from you (And you're on the way to a bigger halo around your head!! :) 
Collect all the rain water possible while it rains and you could put good use to it later in cleaning, swabbing and washing your cars, bikes, cycles or even floors !! Just do it, save them precious drops of water ....   Save it now !! "   

If you are not sitting in the kitchen, please switch off that extra light. Perhaps use less wattage, less powered electric light. If you have little ones then maybe putting a zero bulb in the hall way could do the trick (the ones that consume less power!) and you could have fun playing 'space games' or any games that your little ones cook up along with you !! I did that with my little one and believe me it was loads of fun filled laughter, tickling and then followed by stories on stars, planets and the universe....
My husband and me put up stickers of planets, stars, space ships on the ceiling roof of our cosy bed room and we would count the stars and doze of to sleep!! (actually most of the times I was the one who knocked off, while she was asking me, "Mamma what comes after 99?" - this was when she was just two yrs old! :) 

How to beat the heat without the AC or Cooler !!!  Very elementary and simple Watson!  Just store a bucket of water for some time (maybe an hour before you bathe) and then the water gets really chilletoo. d, have a nice Cool cold water with it ... if possible open all the doors, windows of your room (of course, ensure you put on a mosquito repellant ) and then also if possible hang a wet towel or two in the same room. Hey presto! You have the effect of an Air Conditioner or a Cooler (in terms of the elements of physics - good ventillation, great circulation of air across the rooms..... but all this depends to a good extent on the wind and whether its blowing outside ..)

4) Of course, usage of alternative sources of electricity viz. Solar panelled water coolers, heaters, electric supply and using Wind energy. 
Can we all work towards clean, green energy - harnessing the Sun and Wind apart from conventional hydroelectricity and chemical battery operated generators etc. Street lamps could also be powered by Solar energy panels.

5) Make sure the water in the rivers are not polluted by industrial effluents. If you see it, report it !!
6) Start using cloth, jute or paper bags for shopping - Ban the use of plastic bags that cause a lot of pollution. Using recyclable material will save the earth for generations to come...

A Page from my daughter's Project work note book :) 

Thanks for reading, in case I missed on any vital points, please do add-on to this too. Look forward to hearing from you. I would greatly appreciate and treasure your Comments / Views / Ideas :) 

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madhavi sood said...

On reflection, I forgot to write that more trees, plants need to be planted and nurtured. One person - One Tree could be a great mantra that one could follow perhaps.