Monday, April 22, 2013

On Earth Day - support ban of plastic carry bags #banplasticbags

Please Support a Ban on Plastic Carryout Bags

Single-use plastic bags represent one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of our generation.
It is estimated that 60% -80% of all debris in the ocean is land-based plastic. Plastics take hundreds of years to break down at sea and most types are not ever truly biodegrade.

Plastic bags are so aerodynamic that even when properly disposed off, they can still blow away and become litter. They easily escape from garbage trucks, landfills, boats, and often average consumers' hands. Not only a visible eyesore, plastic bags are dangerous to wildlife. They are often mistaken for food by marine mammals and seabirds. The United Nations estimates that plastic bags kill 1 billion animals per year. These animals suffer a painful death as the plastic wraps around their intestines or they choke to death.

Countries that have banned or restricted them include: China,  Israel, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Thailand, several states in India, three states and territories of Australia, Paris, Mexico City, Rajasthan (India), Sikkim (India), Taiwan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malawi, Germany, Sweden, Paris, Mexico City, and three states/territories of Australia.

Please support a ban on plastic carryout bags ....

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