Monday, April 22, 2013

Demanding Safety, Justice and Eradication of Rape!! Can we join hands to #StopRapeNow ?

In a Land where the girl child is worshipped as a Goddess, whose feet are washed and revered more than ever during the Navratri Festivals all across India.... The recent brutal rape of a 5yr old girl near Delhi- makes me very pained, deeply anguished and angered at the same time!
I too am a Mother and wish for the safety of all children girls and boys. More Law and Order needs to be enforced, even if it means a death penalty to the accused Rapist, life imprisonment of those Authorities who did not do their duty - and severest of punishment to those Police officials (juniors and seniors alike) who shirked from doing what they could have ..

At this point, I am aggrieved and worried at the way justice is being meted out...  Are children, women and men truly going to be safe?  Do the Police need to be more vigilant if not empathetic towards such cases and not go slapping Protesters?
Wondering why, why do we have to always Protest, is it not enough that those who are the ones who are meant and duty-bound and have taken the oath to protect - are balking and want for doing the same?
Why, Is it so difficult to simply dispense one's duties well enough? 
Is it so much that we cannot hear the pleas, cries of those who are injured, raped or hurt - and where is our #Humanity, #humaneness gone ? Did the little girl who was ill-treated, raped, brutually tortured (and barely five years old)  not have #human rights to Live a normal, wonderful childhood?
What if it was one of those Rapists / Police Authorities child? Would they have been so slack ? Would they have tried to hush up their own too?

Stop the minds that go astray.... Punish those that act brutually thus, or a part of protecting the Rapists, or who have been slack; setting an example that 'RAPE is a PUNISHABLE OFFENCE! BEWARE!  STOP RAPE!  PUNISH THE GUILTY! PUNISH THE COMPLACENT!!

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