Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013 .... prayers and wishes

I can hear fire crackers outside. Just hugged tight by my hubby and my life. Watching my little daughter sleep peacefully in bliss oblivious to all the racket outside ...Wishing and praying the New Year 2013 brings in New beginnings of Hope, love and Peace and Harmony to All... Thanking the Lord Ganesha, Divine Light, Almighty, ShaktiMaa to be alive and for Life and all its silent blessings. Hoping as 31 Dec 2012 rolls onto 1 Jan 2013, the Dawn brings in renewed hope. And as the days go by, I wish we all have moments enrich us as human beings first.  
Invoking Prayers 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Praying for Change.

Sometimes when a billion voices, thoughts all go in one direction towards Peace, Justice and Truth ... the course of history changes.... Praying FOR CHANGE. Hoping for a Safe, Better Society ... Working in Unison to Change Mindset and Raise the HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

Prayers through my poem From darkness take me unto light published in my book 'From the Silence Within'  Hope you hear it  Let there be sunshine and light for all ....

LEAP OUT TO A BETTER, SAFER INDIA and WORLD ... Keeping alight the Fire Within ..

Hello All Citizens of India and intellects : KEEP THE LIGHT ALIGHT WITHIN
Perhaps this LEAP year 2012 - maybe We will all take that Leap in faith for a Better, Safer and Progressive India ... I'm very sad, speechless, word less as I went on from my daily routine at home and work and my little daughter asking me why I was weeping? What do I tell her?
What do I tell my Beti ? What a shame it feels today that inspite of a medical student's 12 n half days struggle and battle for life and death - she did not get justice ? That Life lost again ?/ That the media is still hyping the Protest - not highlighting WHAT CONCRETE STEPS ARE BEING TAKEN TOWARDS JUSTICE. If I was a media person I would have sat outside the doorsteps of these very MP's, Judiciaries and Security Officials or even Home Minister or the PM or President - asking them WHAT STEPS HAVE THEY TAKEN OR DONE ?
I have already Written an Open Letter to the President almost a Week or more back expressing the same - For Future Safety of Each Child, Each Minor and Each Woman or Man in India.
Perhaps IF the PM's Office or President's OFFICEs are flooded by OPEN LETTERS - then maybe we will have a one step forward in this cause.

The Light in my home is still alight since morning .... will keep it alight symbolically through tonight ...
(Author of 'From the Silence Within')


Monday, December 24, 2012

Whispering Hope ... love this song and how it uplifts the soul ever since i heard it as a kid.

希望のささやき Whispering Hope 微聲盼望

Whispering Hope

Rainbow Wishes for New Year 2013

New Beginnings filled with Renewed Hope and Light for the New Year 2013
(by Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas-Author of ‘From the Silence Within’ )
I was very pleasantly surprised and feel honored to be invited by Kabita Sonowal to write a Blog on the New Year for BookChums.
Yet even as I replied back in affirmative to her, I could not help but feel that Christmas and New Year come so close together and are so ‘connected’ – both giving all a message of New cheer, renewed hope and of New beginnings, just as simply as the Festive Christmas Season brings in tidings of sharing, loving and giving and forgiving.

Its that time of the year, I always go into a retrospective mood, reflecting on the past, dreaming of a better future whilst toiling in the present! And when I hear those strums of Christmas carols ‘Give me Joy in my heart....’  and candles and decked up Christmas trees and joyful excited kids wanting to know what Santa Claus has given them as a present; my heart and soul always gets brimmed with joy and soul gets filled with shimmering hope.

Personally the Leap Year 2012 has brought so many tidings and even as it goes onto the next week, ushering in the New Year 2013, I feel nostalgic as I pen down my thoughts.

As I look back, on a personal front, the year 2012 has left its impact on me by being able to get my first book ‘From the Silence Within’ published. It is my first step ventured out as a Published Author of a Book and that too on Poetry. A step I had taken with great thought and good intentions, even as I am frantically trying to finish my next fiction book manuscript. I was glad that I got good reviews and appreciation for my work.    

Indeed there is so much of talent in India ‘the Land of Rabindranath Tagore’  for Poetry. I actually felt  this young talent when I had the good fortune to be invited as one of the Chief Guests on 8th Sept2012 to read out my poems for the event of ‘100 thousand poets for Change in the World’ envisioned by Michael Rothenberg and organized by Open space and Dipalle Pamar that culminated on 29th Sept2012. I had the opportunity to meet other like-minded poets and people and listen to their poems and realise the latent talent of so many who write and appreciate poetry. I also felt many ideas, intense poetry for change that were read and performed and I could feel the pulse of Change already happening.

This year has been very eventful for me personally too. I managed to ‘connect’ with all my friends and some of my teachers with whom I had somewhere lost touch with.

I remember also of all the fun I had enjoying immensely the Drama Workshop I conducted for children from ages 3yrs-14yrs at Amanora town organised by Entre Nous Events in the summer. I saw a lot of talent, expression whilst interacting with these little ones, teaching them drama, role play, mime with a lot of fun activities along with my daughter actively participating in it. Towards the end of the event, I felt touched and enriched when so many kids came and hugged me asking me whether tomorrow also would there be a fun event? My little daughter too made so many new friends along the way. By far she has been my best critique for such activities telling me straight in the eye when the class was boring or when it was loads of fun! So I guess, ‘Child is the Father of man’ – a lesson I learnt soon, close from home.

Going a little more back recently to the day I got the invite from BookChums. I was busily preparing for the Workshop on Personality Development and Confidence building for the Undergraduates being invited by Prof. Dr. Mrs Soniya Chavan of St. Mira’s College. It was also the day that the most unfortunate incident of the gang rape of a young girl, a medical student at Delhi had taken place. And though I was deepy angered, anguished and shocked at what had happened - I went on schooling my thoughts and made the Presentation, making it as interactive as possible.

These Workshops have always given me opportunities to feel the pulse of the youth and their aspirations. I realise that there is no dearth of talent in a vast Country like India -rich with resources, heritage and its diverse people and cultures. All that is actually needed, as I perceive it ; is more opportunities, more enterprises to nurture and channelise their creativities and vibrant energies for their own personal growth and for making their indelible mark upon time with more achievements. And most importantly the safety and security of being able to do so.
Later I penned down all the rage and then sat down meditating and praying. I felt just like many others whose voices are being heard through all the News media channels – calling out to the Justice makers to give justice to the girl who is bravely fighting life and death.

“ ....... What’s the matter with all of us?
Queuing up, jostling, pushing and squashing each other.
And people still not taking heed?
What  does one live for – to die unheard, unwept, uncared.
Or to be engraved on stones and pillars
With names carved on graves of pride? ....... ”
...excerpts from one of my poems from my book ‘From the Silence Within’ published by Leadstart Publishers.

My mind was racing in Rewind mode even as I watered my plants, pulling out a few weeds here and there, feeling happy at the way my small kitchen nursery was slowly growing while my little daughter was busy chatting and singing along with me and my husband sipping tea looked on and commenting on the state of what was happening in India today.

Yes, the Year 2012 has been very eventful with so many upheavals, uprisings and people reaching out and connecting with one another and a kind of collective consciousness happening in India and across the globe.

This year we saw India Rising together with movements like the one championed by Anna Hazareji for a Fight Against Corruption, people speaking up and Voicing their thoughts, fears and dreams for a better India – all coming out on the streets.
There were similar incidents in the rise all over the World in Libya, Egypt and generally unrest and people seeking answers and questioning and wanting and wishing for a better world. 

There have been marches for Peace all over the world in 2012, whether as reactions to even the incidents of violence just a fortnight back of a misled youth indiscriminately firing at little children and teachers alike in Connecticut.

Though you and me may not be directly involved in all these unfortunate incidents, yet cannot help but wonder where the mechanics of progress is leading us onto?
Thanks to the internet, mobiles and other  means of communication, technologically we are making advancements in the field of Connecting the World via Internet applications, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, stumble and so many others yet we are all so disconnected where the question of being human and humane comes. The recent happenings makes me shudder at what kind of progress we truly are making?

Yet somewhere deep inside me there’s a tiniest ray of hope too as I know and feel we are on the threshold of making real progress, a real leap towards a better consciously driven India and the World too.
As the sea of humanity approached this very eventful December 2012 with eventful dates like the 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 date of the New Mayan Calendar of which so much has already been spoken about.
The very eventful year 2012, that will be marked as a Time of uprisings, raising of consciousness levels of humanity, of technological advancements, Nature’s fury (Sandy storm) and also of universal shame in the form of mass killings in different incidents (Connecticut, Delhi, Tripura, Baramati, etc,etc. ).
Indeed I feel that the Year 2012 that was once predicted to be the end of the world or doomsday as spoken, perhaps its the actual end of all the wrongs, menaces and evils our society and human beings as a race. For each human being is feeling and does get affected by the pain of another fellow human being. And to me that is a great positive step that humanity can make towards the light.
So much has been spoken about the Year 2012, with the claims of the World coming to an end, everyone frantically connecting and doing all that they would wish to do. some going paranoid and hoarding food and things anticipating disaster.

It was as if a pain inflicted in one part of the world was felt and resonated and echoed in other parts of the world with the same feelings of sympathy and compassion.
So in our quest for material gains, nature had been teaching us a lesson in compassion to one and all by showing fury... in natural disasters.

As the year 2012 is coming to its last few laps and time will roll onto a New Year 2013, so many thoughts, flashes of reflections cross my mind.

And as we will all bid adieu to the year 2012, usually most celebrating with friends and families, do give a thought of what you would want to do or be or achieve or simply wish for from the time of the New year 2013, yet to arrive. 
I usually like to pen down my thoughts point wise like a Wish list and then work towards each of those goals. Some times one dream leads us onto another and I move in serendipity, taking all that comes in my stride.

Each New Year brings in rays of hope, of new tidings and beginnings and of issues resolved, redeemed and reach out to each one of us bringing in new hope and new zeal to dream, do and be more... as we ring out the old and ring in the new over time, lets reflect on what we want more in life? Is it to beget more materials, or more happier satisfying relationships. Or more from life each day and moment of the New year?

I realised that the true meaning of Life is not just in the living but living by utilizing the best of my talents that God, energy divine has bestowed and blessed me and each one of us with.
Breaking of a new dawn  (one of my Poems from my book 'From the Silence Within' and apt for the New Year 2013)                                      
I’m filled with hope for I wait.
For tomorrow I shall lift more loads.

My back may break; but my spirit is high.
For onto distant lands I have to reach; flying in the sky.

I don’t mind today’s jostling and pushing.
For time and money and everything else will stand still.
As I journey this life’s tempests.
I’m sure I’ll reach my destination.

These thunder squalls; and dark spells.
No longer frighten me.
For I have loads to lift, many more mileposts to cross.
Before I find the light.

With a smile, and a lighter heart.
I see the eastern crimson fresh sky.
The light has changed.
I awaken to the breaking of a new dawn…
Copyright Madhavi Sood 2012. All Rights Reserved. 

RAINBOW WISHES TO ALL FOR A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 (Madhavi Sood- Author of 'From the Silence Within').

As the clocks will roll and strike its chime taking us from one year of time to another time, I am hopeful that the worst has gone and the best is yet more to come.
On this hopeful note, I take it upon myself to wish All Readers, bloggers and all at BookChums and Everyone a Very Happy, Healthy, safe and Prosperous Rainbow New Year 2013.
Let the Light shine upon all of us, Let all good things begin.......

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Praying for Change ; Demanding Change.

The PM, Home Minister and President of India must speak out and at least reassure those youth, if not apologise to ALL those injured by the Police at India Gate War Memorial. Where was the Defence Ministry officials or the Lady Police Women when we have been seeing live coverages of Women being lathi charged by Policemen - it IS a criminal offense to do so; if they don't know it, they must refer it with Retd. ?Commissioner Police Kiran Bedi. If it is OK for a Policeman to hit an unarmed peaceful protesting Woman?? Why does'nt anyone also book and punish the one who did this?  Deeply angered and shocked at the way all this has been man-handled by the Security and Politicians alike and that too on unarmed citizens!!
What IS happening?
Will Justice take so long that it no longer feels belonged? Will cries, anguish of scarred souls die in whimpers onto the dust ? Or will we CHANGE the rules, the rulebook before it rusts?

"Fingerprints of God" Steven Curtis Chapman

Vedasaara Shiva Stotram ... Praying for Peace, Justice, Harmony and safety for all.

Sankata Nashana Ganapathi Stotram With English Lyrics (Happy Ganesh Chat... Praying for PEACE, SAFETY, JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Ganapati Atharvashirsha - Praying for Truth, Peace and Safety and Justice for all

Tom and Misha - Back to the Blue

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A prayer .... 'From darkness take me unto light' from my book.

"Praying for Justice and Peace each one of us in the wake of all the disturbing events of rape, violence faced by innocent people in India and the World that has shell shocked . Time to stand up and question those who are shirking their duties? Is it so difficult to do one's duty, keep one's word??  Will the People in Authority and Power listen and DO their DUTY so that crimes are averted, prevented and punished. Shirking Duty is ALSO as Criminal as the Crime itself. Justice WILL truly happen when Each Authority, Politician and Police Security Personnel DO DUTY - whatever the time, whatever the nature of the crime, whoever it is, whatever it is and wherever it is - DO YOUR DUTY and everyone be grateful to YOU for having done it!! " Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.

Madhavi Sood -Author of "From the Silence Within" Book of Poems Vol1: OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OF INDIA - For Safety of ...

Madhavi Sood -Author of "From the Silence Within" Book of Poems Vol1: OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OF INDIA - For Safety of ...: Just wrote an Open Letter to the President under grievances and including the file here. Open Letter To t...

OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OF INDIA - For Safety of ALL minors, babies and women in India.

Just wrote an Open Letter to the President under grievances and including the file here.

Open Letter To the President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.  – 22nd Dec’2012
Respected and Honorable President,
Its indeed an honor and a privilege in a vast and wonderful country like India which is so much repected and loved by not only each Indian but also so many abroad; Sir that the Power to Do rises in your sanguine persona and shoulders.

Sir, This comes to you in the wake of the horrifying, shocking and beastly acts of rape that has happened and which must also have pained you Sir as much as it has raised the shackles of one and all Indians.

Sir, last night I dreamt that I was the victim being chased and it was a very terrible nightmare... yet I also dreamt Sir of you issuing a Press Conference where You had given and announced a statement of justice and punishment for the rapists....

Whilst I type this letter, I have a fear that somewhere in India in the villages and towns some unwary innocent minor, girl or boy or woman or even a baby is getting raped and their sanctity being violated. 
Just recently we heard of another Gang rape of a Minor girl in Baramati, when the whole Nation is shell shocked and Protesting to get justice for the 23 yr Delhi gang rape victim fighting a battle of life and death in the ICU!! Why Sir is this happening ?
I ask you to analyse this along with the distinguished team of learned members and intellects and authorities in power and security who could turnaround the situation by giving speedy Justice to the victims and mete out the severest punishment to the molesters, rapists who deserve it.
So that at least we could move safely without fear and live in peace?
I'm a Mother too of a wonderful kid myself and feel that ALL kids  girls and boys and Women MUST BE SAFE.
 Is it too much to Ask for Safety, Security and being able to move without fear. India being the Land of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore who dreamt and wrote of a land without fear “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high ...... Let my country awake!“ Where from will it happen Honorable President Sir, when Criminals, the Judiciary and security Officials and staff all go hand in glove in Crime when Justice delayed is injustice done...
Why even infant foeticide, atrocities and violence on Maa and Janini Matrobhoomi go unpunished in a Country where we proudly Worship the very soil Mother India, the Rivers and even little girls during the Navratri festivals and Women are put up on a pedstal...yet Sir, with due respect to your authority as President of such a wonderful Nation as ours, we Women, girls and unborn girls have to be snuffed, killed, molested or raped ? Why and to prove what supremacy or power over the weaker sex do these Mahishasuras donned sometimes as saviours garbed in uniform too wreak havoc onto Women and our collective psyche??

Or do we Women have to take up cudgels and spears on the streets like the ever worshipped Durgaa Maa to chop off all those people who behave akin to the Mahishasura demon ; whether in crime or accomplice to crime or even towards those Sir who are not discharging their duties.
I’m penning this down deeply disturbed and in anguish and also with a ray of hope that thsi Open Letter Reaches you too Sir and praying that Justice be done swiftly through your Courts and through your univocal Voice Sir.
Enough is Enough – yet awaiting and seeking your Authority to implement Fast Justice in ALL such cases of Crime; so that we as a Super power Rise and our ancestors too be proud of the Legacy taht you and all Indians carry with us Sir.

In my opinion, Honorable President Sir perhaps in the rarest case of history in India – You who wield the highest Power of Authority I beseech and request you to consider these steps :
1.  Nab the rapists, condemn to life sentence with similar suffering they have inflicted.
2.  Punishment to Rapists = by castrating + cutting off their instruments and organs of rape. Make this also known to all, so that men would get jitters and Think twice before committing such a heinous crime that affects a whole generation.
3.  Provide Counselling - RAPE IS A PUNISHABLE OFFENCE. Sensitise people awareness to victims pain. CHANGE attitudes of People towards Women- who are NOT commodities but living people too with souls and wishes and dreams and desires to be.
4.  Reward those who discharge duties properly and Punish authorities who are slack and slip doing their duty - if not SACK THEM and make the reason publicly known. Have more Women as Security personnel – create opportunities to train them and deploy at black pockets in society.
6. HAVE TOLL FREE HELP LINES 24x7 AVAILABLE. ONE KEY punched SOS Number that could be tracked via GPRS to locate the mobile or tele no from the victim could dial for SOS HELP anytime and from anywhere in India. This WILL HELP PREVENT many Crimes,rapes from happening as the rapist could be nabbed before the act is committed. This would indirectly help POLICE WITH DOING THEIR DUTIES as well in a QUICKER and more EFFICIENT way.

7. MAKE Pepper sprays, shockers, and self defense perfume sprays cheaper and available off the shelf.
8. Make it compulsory for ALL children to learn Martial arts, teach them value education in the form of stories taken from real lives; SENSITISE THEM TO RAPE JUST AS WE HAVE TOLD THEM ABOUT BOMBS.

I am very optimistic Sir that You as the President of India Will address this burning shameful issue and ensure and give suitable justice, so that our future generations live safely.
I write this to you Sir asking you and on behalf of all the Women and Citizens of India to rise to the occasion that demands justice, safety and peace for all before its too late... because that person who is today battling life and death could tomorrow  be any body’s Grand daughter, niece, daughter, wife, aunt , sister or mother or baby or anyone; unless the fear of punishment and justice comes, wherefrom will there be peace and safety for one and all?

With all the highest respect to you and sincere regards and hoping to see you make that Announcement Sir.
Thanking You and With Best Wishes for a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead to You and all those who discharge their duties and are highly respected by all of us Citizens of India.

“Rape - Why, Why, Why?
Three letters that trouble and make me cry.
Why so much rape, bloodshed and hatred ?
That men spew over women and child or for caste or creed?
Why so much poverty, illiteracy and greed?
When food, freedom and love are really man’s basic need....

How many trees, women, girls babies will they rape, chop?
And finally when it’s all over whom or what will they mop?
Terrified children mislead to believe.
That they will inherit what their ancestors would choose to leave.... ?

Another wish from my daughter and on behalf of all the little girls and boys who deserve a better future in India – a song that she has sung out of my poem ‘Of dreams and wishes’  
and the link to another of my poems ‘From darkness take me unto light’
Copyright Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
(Author of ‘From the Silence Within’)
Dated :  22nd Dec 2012.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pics of myself Conducting a Workshop on 'Personality Development and Confidence building' at St. Mira's College on 17thDec2012.

17th Dec'2012 -  A video and pictures  of a part of my workshop with the Undergraduates at St. Mira's College. Felt very honored and humbled to be invited by them and special Thank you to all the Principal, Prof. Chavan and all the Students and staff who were so pro active and enjoyed themselves as much as I did speaking to them and answering their queries. On the whole a wonderful and hoping to be invited again.

Nature nurtures silently, man plunders - WHY?

As I water my plants and slowly growing saplings, nurturing my little nursery at my back yard along with my little daughter and husband - I can't help but Thank the Lord Ganesha, God, energy divine, ShaktiMaa and Light for the Life that has been given to me. Nature nurtures us silently - forever giving, sometimes lashing back in fury, yet sustaining human and all life forms on earth. Then WHY is it difficult for people to live and let live? Why people plunder, deplete natural resources and nature without a second thought of tomorrow? Why men rape, kill and go on a rampage ? Are there no better ways to assert manliness or manhood than take it out on nature, children and women - the very sources that make men feel that they are MEN - men, who are the ones with stronger muscles to be caretakers since the times of early humans?
Is it that our society is going on a decline what with news of increasing crimes and atrocities and acts of shame done upon innocent souls ?
Where from will then there be peace, tolerance, justice, equality, education ? ....
 Going to give it a thought and perhaps find answers in silence and meditation.

Meditation for Peace, tolerance, brotherhood and love .... For Light to shine in each one of us and all our lives .. Copyright Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas 2012. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Colonial Cousins "Krishna nee Begane baaroo .." Hariharan ...Bless all the future of every boy and girl... Come back as anyone

Tum Be Sahara Ho To Kisi Ka Sahara Bano ( The Honorable Manna Dey ) Asho...

How many candles will we light up?

How many Candles will WE have to Light up ?? How many Candles to spread Light? How many more Candles will we Light ?  How many more Candles do we light to make the night bright? When each Candle is already lit up inside each heart, simply keeping it aflame every day and night .... The earth will sparkle and shine radiant in truth a haven and a wonderful place to be in... how many lights will we have to light in our own hearts and dispel the darkness and gloom away ? ... Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.

Har Taraf Har Jagah (Saaya) - Full Song - x264 - 720p [HD]- ---• kk86™ •---

Sunday, December 9, 2012

From darkness unto the Light.mp4

O Lord! please shine down on me ....

O Lord! Please shine down on me”                                      24th Dec’2011

O Lord! Help me today.
Clear the cobwebs away.
So from truth I never stray.
Please in my heart forever stay.

From darkness and sorrow, take me to light.
From all fears and tears, help me fight.
And make my dreams, my good wishes alight.
Onto new ventures and horizons bright.

Once a lost child, you held me close.
So I could pen down poems and prose.
And helped me all the way too.
With your shining bright warm rays through.

Now I feel lost again without a clue.
O Lord! Please shine down on me.
With sunshine, warmth and your love abound.
Please, O Lord! Help me shine with your light around.

O Lord! Help me move on homeward bound.
Filling my life with joy and happiness surround.
O Lord! O golden sunshine smiling light.
Please shine down on me with delight.
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
All Rights Reserved. 
Published in my book 'From the Silence Within'  and available in Paperback cover form via Amazon
uRead, Flipkart, Crossword sites.

Blind Judoka Episode 1 -- Jordan Mouton Is Ready to Train for the London...

Monday, December 3, 2012

In gratitude for Life...

I am grateful for being simply alive!
I appreciate the good and the bad, all things and happenings that have made me laugh or sad ...
I'm glad that I can feel and do my little bit, even if it is to touch a soul or plant a sapling or nurture a tree...
I'm grateful for all the life I'm living and for all the breaths I'm taking.
Best Wishes to you for a Merry Christmas n Happy New Year ahead.

Jim Reeves - It is No Secret (What God Can Do) one of my Jim Reeves favourites

Sunday, December 2, 2012

If only, if only ...

If only, if only the rivers and seas were more cleaner, the air more fresh and earth more greener ... if only people rise above to reach out ... if only each silent prayer were answered ... if only none would sleep hungry or cold ... the world would be a better place to live in and yet to behold !!
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012. All Right Reserved.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spare a thought sometimes. ..

"Spare a thought sometimes "      1st Dec'2012
Even as we are sheltered, cocooned in our own warm houses and comforters.
Do spare a thought for those out there braving weather, cold winds and hunger.
Without a penny or a rupee or dime ; just a hope that tomorrow will be a better time.
Spare a thought as you in all merriment partake ...                                                                                     Those who have been shunned, forgotten for Heaven's sake.  

To be cursed by poverty, living from hand to mouth.    
While we are blessed, yet behave uncouth.    
Sometimes just step into their shoes ...
Spare a thought for those with no feet to wear them.      

Is it enough to just let it be?
Or reach out with open minds and hearts.
Actions speak louder, quietly do they say.
Yet will we spur our thoughts into Actions today?

Spare a thought indeed !

Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012
All Rights Reserved.                                                      

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kenny G - Always

Reaching Out .......

Reaching out .........
Thanks for Reading & writing back to me......... Best Wishes to all.
Do let me know how did You like my first book 'From the Silence Within'  published by Leadstart Publishers.
Which Poem moved You and touched Your soul?
Views/ Comments are most welcome. Thanks and Best Wishes

Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Save the Seeds of Life'- what would you do? 20 seconds Read.

'Save the Seeds of Life' - a true story. 

"Every mighty Oak you see today, was once a nut (Seed)"  - A small eye opener.

Some time back (nearly more than a month and half ago) my naughty seven half yr old daughter was busy collecting something in our back yard and from the road side.

I asked her, "What are you doing, collecting rubbish?"
She looked at me squarely in the face, opening her palms and said, "Mamma, don't you know, I'm collecting these seeds to save them ?", looking at me as if it was such a foolish question I had asked her.
"We need to save more seeds, see how the wind has blown so many of them?", she said in all her innocence and a maturity beyond her age, whilst busily stuffing some of them in her pockets. 

I was a little taken aback at her gesture and her thoughts, so I asked her, "Where did you learn this from, betu?"
She promptly looked at me and said, "Ma, you forgot our lesson in school on seeds, germination and sprouting and saplings turning to trees when planted in soil?  Remember, You taught me all about them and we did so many Questions & Answers and even grew our little nursery  in the tray, how could you forget so fast, Mamma?"

Now she was earnestly digging the soil with a sharp stone as I watched her shocked and mesmerised now.....
"See Maa, if we can plant all of them seeds then we will have a beautiful forest garden here and then maybe we could get some deer and tigers also to live here and then we don't have to go so far to the Zoo to see them?"
"What should we call it? Will the 'Tiger Forest Garden' be a good name? "

I felt a pang in my throat at her childhood naivety and her straightforward words and I promised myself to do something about this, as we both now squatted collecting all the seeds .....

...  What do You think You can do to save Seeds??  .....
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas (Author of 'From the Silence Within') 2012. 
All Rights Reserved.

Please Do Comment/ Like/ Post / Share this story / Share your Story of What You could Do ?  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Control your thoughts, Alter your Destiny....

'Control your thoughts, Alter your Destiny' .......... Try it for yourself and see the visible difference at all levels.
Reaching out to one and all .....
Author of  'From the Silence Within' 
Copyright Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Life is not a race ... Free your spirit to move on...

"Yes, I believe and from my own personal experiences at all levels - its always better to maintain your own dignity and integrity at all times.
It keeps one's own self 'free' and empowered to just be.
Karma always takes care of everything else.
Free your spirit and ride the tides, spearheading through unbounded, limitless, radiant light!!  With a sea of love in your heart that encompasses one and all in its huge embrace - step out, move on.... Life is real. Life is true. Life is not a Race...... yet we are all each racing against time...."
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012. All Rights Reserved

Friday, November 23, 2012

A story of Gratitude

Must Read ... A Heart Touching Story 

A Glass of Milk – Paid In Full

One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry. He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal he asked for a drink of water. She thou
ght he looked hungry so brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked, “How much do I owe you?” “You don’t owe me anything,” she replied. “Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness.” He said, “Then I thank you from my heart.”

As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strong also. He had been ready to give up and quit.

Year’s later that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in specialists to study her rare disease. Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately he rose and went down the hall of the hospital to her room. Dressed in his doctor’s gown he went in to see her. He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the case.

After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge and the bill was sent to her room. She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally she looked, and something caught her attention on the side of the bill. She began to read the following words:

“Paid in full with one glass of milk”

Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Thank you ALL for liking my blog page and my book.
"Happy Thanksgiving to all"
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Jim Reeves "But You Love Me Daddy" with Steve Moore & Dorothy Dillard

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Carpenters - Sing a Song - Happy Children's Day ; we all love this song ....

"O Lord! Please shine down on me"

'O Lord! Please shine down on me'      24th Dec'2011
O Lord! Help me today.
Clear the cobwebs away.
So from truth I never stray.
Please in my heart forever stay.

From darkness and sorrow, take me unto light.
From all fears and tears, help me fight.
And make my dreams, my good wishes alight.
Onto new ventures and horizons bright.  ......
copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
Published in my book 'From the Silence Within'
Leadstart Publishers

Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is also a long forgotten blog of mine.

This is the link of one of my blogs which I used to post on and seemed to have now forgotten the password to it :) Anyways, I'm glad that its still there and would like to share these poems too which are already published in my book 'From the Silence Within'  (now available in Crossword, Pune and also across India at leading Oxford bookstores, via Amazon and uRead sites).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Carpenters (Quad Mix) Only Yesterday RARE HQ Sound ....This song is dedicated to You,my better half!

ABBA- Chiquitita Lyrics

ABBA- Chiquitita Lyrics

ABBA THANKYOU FOR THE MUSIC - in gratitude for Music that touches and reaches out to souls.

A Rajasthani music clip from the movie I AM KALAM

When You Believe- Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

I am Kalam - Movie Trailer

I am Kalam- Chand taare full song ... a beautiful song, lyrics and music

Phill Collins "True Colors" with Lyrics

Phil Collins - True Colors (LYRICS + FULL SONG)

Monday, October 29, 2012

“From  Darkness take me unto Light”                                            21st June’2001.

From  Darkness take me unto Light.
O God!  Help me today make my maiden flight.
From sorrow give me the strength to break.
And help me to love and to care.

From darkness take me unto Light.
O God! hear my  prayers and let in the sunlight.
Let the rains pour down and give new life.
God ! give me the strength to bear, for it is your test for life.

For in the dark you have shown me the light.
O God!  I pray, let me be purposeful and right.
Let there be justice and happiness for all.
And let me stand today, not falter nor fall.

Yes God! From Darkness take me unto Light.
Let there be sunshine and warmth and Light …

© Madhavi Mohandas alias Madhavi Sood 2012.
Published in ‘From the Silence Within’. All Rights Reserved.

'No in-betweens please' poem published in my book 'From the Silence Within'

“No in betweens please”                                                       -  2nd Nov’2001

Life is like a game of cards.
You place the right ones next to the other.
All the problems would seemingly disappear.
Yet one wrong move can wreck
And there goes the lot tumbling the whole deck !!

You can make mistakes and yet win.
But in real life there is nothing in between.
Either you can be scared or venture your first step.
Either you can love or you can hate.

Either you can live or you can die.
Either it is a yes or it is a no.
Either there is today or there is tomorrow.
Either you can trust or you can betray.

Either you can laugh or you can cry.
Either you are sad or you are happy.
Either  you can live it up or always compromise.
Life is for real – either it is do or it is die.
In Life,  there are No in betweens, please.

Either you can be scared or you can venture your first step.
Either you can forgive and forget or you can prolong your misery.
Either you can stay put or give up.
Either you can scratch and fight or be everyone’s merry delight.

The choice is yours to make.
You either choose and live up to it or remain dangling no where.
Because Life is for real.
Either it’s a do or not to do.
For there are no in - betweens please !!!

© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012. All Rights Reserved.
Published in my book ‘From the Silence Within’ and also on NDTV website.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

promise yourself by Christian D Larson

Promise yourself!

To be so strong 
that nothing can 
disturb your peace of mind. 

To talk health, happiness 
and prosperity 
to every person you meet. 

To make all your friends 
feel that there is something in them. 

To look at the sunny side of everything 
and make your optimism come true. 

To think only of the best, to work only for the best 
and expect only the best. 

To be enthusiastic about the success of others 
as you are about your own. 

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to 
greater achievements of the future. 

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times 
and give every living creature you meet a smile. 

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others. 

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, 
too strong for fear and too happy 
to permit the presence of trouble. 

- Christian D Larson
A beautiful poem by Christain D. Larson sent to me by my friend Prabha and sharing it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

'Why play with Nature ?' published in my book 'From the Silence Within'

“Why play with Nature?”                              18th Jan’2008
You cannot stop the sun from shining through.
Nor the rains from wetting you.
Nor the winds from blowing away.
Nor any thoughts that come your way.

Why then the eternal quest to reign?
When Nature in its simplicity is queen.
Why all the efforts to change and prove?
When nature in its course will evolve.

Are we marching drums or thoughtful beings?
Why then are we moving to disasters yet unseen?
Is it not enough that we can laugh and play and sing?
Then why create monsters of everything?

When every thought, word and deed could be a clone.
Where from unique beings and works are done?

Why can’t Art be left for Art’s sake?
Why do we have to play with Nature for God’s sake?
Why not plod and tread gently?
Where Nature and angels bless silently.
© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
Published in my book  ‘From the Silence Within’ 
All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Madhavi Sood -Author of "From the Silence Within" Book of Poems Vol1: Wherefrom will joy and happiness come? Wherefrom w...: Wherefrom will joy and happiness come? Wherefrom will moments of peace and tranquility come? I close my eyes, silently trying to fathom, re...

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