Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Billion Rising

When a Woman rises up - a whole family rises ... spreading light that radiates with a brilliance, making all Rise too in resonance.
Lets Join hands across the globe together and spread sunshine and light ....let us all Rise in human consciousness...

#Delhi gang-rape case... Human Rights violation?

29th Jan’2013 ..... “On Human Rights and their violation #Delhi gang-rape case”
A Crime is a Crime is a Crime and needs to be addressed, investigated and punished under all circumstances, each time and every time ...... Being an adult or a juvenile is immaterial, does not matter in the eyes of the law and Justice and equality of Justice for one and all .... !!! 
Does the victim of the #Delhigang-rape as Nirbhaya, Brave heart, Damini - have no human rights?  Did she deserve to die thus? Did she not deserve a better deal, a better life where she could get justice ?

Why are we afraid to call a spade a spade ?
Why is the obvious always to be stated, over stated, debated, discussed but action takes so long ?? Why? 

Where from will Justice come ? Is it not enough to know that a barbaric heinous crime was committed and ALL those who were part of this demonic act have to be punished? Where does age come in all this ? 

Does her soul departed not deserve justice and all those too who have been gang-raped, molested and victimised - do they all not have human rights and are their Rights not violated ?!!  

When they are gang-raped, molested or murdered are their ‘human rights’ not violated?
What is your stand ............... !! ?

Michael Jackson - Heal The World ... another of my favourites... Yes, we can make the World a better place

Ganesh Arti - Jai Dev Jai Dev .... I bow to thee every moment, grateful for each breath I take, each creation I make .... Seeking your blessings

Monday, January 28, 2013

'From the Silence Within' available in Crossword, Pune

My Book 'From the Silence Within' available in Crossword, Pune in Bestsellers book shelf. Thank you ALL.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Id -e - Milad ... Id Mubarak ho to all

"Wishing and hoping that the sweetness of sevian and aroma of dry fruits sprinkled in, cooked with love and shared generously with nears and dears .... fills all lives with hope, love and cheer! Id Mubarak ho!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Excerpts of my poem 'Connect me to the World'

“Connect me to the World”                   9th Nov’2012
Connect me to the world today.
So I can make that quantum leap in faith.
Where words reach out, creating paths.
Leaving trails of hope that last. ....
Copyright Madhavi Mohandas alias Madhavi Sood 2013.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mariah Carey ft Whitney Houston When You Believe HD .. You will achieve, you will Win when You Believe...

Mariah Carey - Hero (Tradução) Yes, the Hero lies in You ...

Mariah Carey - Hero - Legendado ..The Hero lies in You'

Akaash Ganga - River of Stars I'm so glad 'Aakash Ganga' is doing so much, I wish I could do something and help be a part of the change and in some way make a difference, best regards, madhavi sood alias madhavi mohandas (author of 'From the Silence Within') www.madhavisood.blogspot.in

English Vinglish Song - Title Track (Exclusive)

Kyon - Official Full Song - Barfi

Aashiyan - Official Full Song - Barfi

Shri Ganesha Atharva Shirsha

Friday, January 18, 2013

OMG!! Oh My God | Mere Nishaan Official Video Song | Akshay Kumar, Pares...If God were to seek ??

1/16/13 Vandana Shiva at Hawaii State Capitol GMO labeling rally

Seeking Answers ... a poem

Seeking Answers (poem)
"Seeking Answers to Life's questions profound.
While having been swept so many times around!
I will surely find my wings to fly.
And soar up high onto the rising sky..."   

What is my true purpose I often ask?
Whilst moving about from task to task.
Will the Universe answer my prayers?
Giving me signs and quiet answers.

I will meet the rainbow's end I know.
Making a mark with words penned in tow.
I will rise above and shine and be.
Raising dear ones too, to seek their true destiny...  "

© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phil Collins - True Colours (HD) Paris 2004 - I simply love this song

Wings to Fly high while being firmly grounded - PART-2

Part -2  Wings to Fly high while being firmly grounded - PART-2
Yes, we all need dreams, wishes and goals in life... yet while trying to reach for them, its good to be grounded at all times.... thanks for resonating in the same spirit!! BTW, i have Beans growing and now flowering in my little garden patch! :) Life too is like a Garden, I feel. We are not all given or blessed with gardens, but have to grow, nurture and perhaps even make it with our own bare hands.... just for the joy of living and being able to see the little plants bloom and grow!

On Wings to fly high whilst being grounded firmly with my Roots. PART-1

On Wings to fly yet grounded to the Roots PART 1
" I just managed to water the plants in my own hand-made back yard garden.... I had been neglecting it for some time now because of my back problem..... Just as I carried small pails of water, sprinkling water down on to the dry earth, I could almost hear a perceptible gurgle, glugging sound - as if the soil and the roots both were working in tandem, absorbing water so thirstily .... and I could smell again the dank wet earth,.. the most wonderful of all fragrances as I perceive ..... I sat down on the ground, cross legged with my little one, chatting with her as she said and noticed herself the sudden joyful happy calm that had set in and noticed the fresh clean and wet leaves nodding themselves as if to whisper a 'Thank you' even as I myself said 'Sorry dear plants and Thank you in the same breath... ' !!
Suddenly, felt rejuvenated as if a big weight and worry was off my chest!
I just realised how in my own little problems of day to day living I had overlooked these silent wonderful plant beings (as I call them).... who give, give and give us so much fresh clean air and add joys to an otherwise existence spent chasing dreams....."
I'm glad and grateful to chase them dreams, those goals, whilst staying grounded to the soil....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


17th JAN 2013

WHY ? ASK YOURSELF. What the *** @@@!!! !! WHY? Why has the Govt not yet punished the gang-rapists of Nirbhaya Damini Braveheart yet ? Almost a month to date that she was gang raped today, yet why no signs of complete justice? How many more Questions We have to ask for internal safety? How many more candles will need to be sparked, when there is already a candle alight in each one of us? Why?

Yes sad it is the state of WOMEN ALL Over the WORLD today ...... unfortunately... That's the reason MAN IS NOT TRULY PROGRESSING BECAUSE WOMEN ARE Suppressed, oppressed and not treated as EQUALS or respected as humans as seen from so many cases all over the World!

WHY ? ASK YOURSELF. What the *** @@@!!! !! WHY? Why has the Govt not yet punished the gang-rapists of Nirbhaya Damini Braveheart yet ? Almost a month to date that she was gang raped today, yet why no justice? How many more Questions We have to ask for internal safety? How many more candles will need to be sparked, when there is already a candle alight in each one of us? Why?
Yes sad it is the state of WOMEN ALL Over the WORLD today ...... unfortunately... That's the reason MAN IS NOT TRULY PROGRESSING BECAUSE WOMEN ARE Suppressed, oppressed and not treated as EQUALS or respected as humans as seen from so many cases all over the World!

With due respect to you Harry!
Indians are NOT worse than animals BUT RAPE and RAPISTS EXISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD!! only majority of it IS NEVER REPORTED.
Please READ MORE ABOUT how nearly Nearly 1 in 5 Women in U.S. Survey Say They Have Been Sexually Assaulted
Published: December 14, 2011 459 Coments http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/15/health/nearly-1-in-5-women-in-us-survey-report-sexual-assault.html?_r=0

RAPISTS, Molestors - all need to be punished wherever they are.... Our incidents have a served to create a spark on this smouldering and often un-reported and neglected issue.

Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas
(Author of 'From the Silence Within')

'A Battle in vain'

9th Aug 1999.

“A Battle in vain …  ?!!? ”

Proudly flutters the flag on mast, high, atop snow-laden peaks
Signalling Victory, bugles sound.
Soldiers proudly salute, swollen chests, eyes aflare.
Yet clouds cast shadows over Victory glare.
Tangled bodies spewn all over, mutilated hands, legs,
torn  heads and bullets  speak of a story rare.

Unknown Soldiers fought till their last breaths -
So we may live the  ‘fresh air of freedom’.
Naught from death, poverty, squalor or corruption -
But free, yes ‘free’ as a bird flies the open skies …

‘Soldiers’ -  True to the Word ; laid down their lives
“Died Doing  their Duty” – as some may say
and we have given in spirit for them and families.
And  yet is this all that we can do and pray ?

And shamefully acquiesce to lead lives,
Where falsehood, greed and the corrupt rule and overrule !!!
Is this for wont the battle was fought and won ?
When ‘truth’ lies hidden and in shatters
and all that we do is merely judge, discuss, gossip and chatter ??

Does money and its acquisition is All what’s battled for ??
‘Forsake Duty and others will forsake You’
was what was well-meant and taught over the ages …
but evaded long back, buried and now is past.

Yet the struggle for power goes on.
Marching to the tune of ‘jingles’ and ‘jingo-ism’
Led by images, unlike deeds !!
Dancing to Rock and rocking from the good,
the bad and unto the ugly indeed !!!

What’s the matter with all of us?
Queueing up, jostling, pushing and squashing  each other
And people still not taking heed … ?
What for does one live – to die unheard, unwept, uncared
Or to be engraved on stones and pillars
with  names carved on graves of pride ?

Will the Victory bugles blown – guns flared and flag unfurled proud
be just a moment captured in time ?
Will we forget history yet again ?
Or is it to  ‘live and let live’  will be our prime.

And cherish the battle won by living together as “ONE”
Let this battle and lives lost not yet go in vain …
© Madhavi Mohandas alias Madhavi Sood. 1999
All rights Reserved.
Published in ‘From the Silence Within’

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sharing a Post from my friend .... A Wake UP CALL.

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 11:59:03 +0530  wrote
3 young cousins came to a doctors Clinic. They are Diabetics. Surprised? Yes, they are aged 17, 18 and 19 years only. They are already taking 30 units of Insulin in morning and evening. The indirect developments are : They are hyperactive for a few moments and collapsing like ICU patients for a few moments next. Other symptoms are, Spurts of anger, throwing away objects, pushing away food, unable to sleep at night and utterly restless. HbA1c test values from 9 plus to 11 plus. What can the other systems do to help them? They turned to Homoeopathy.

NOW THE BIG QUESTION is ::: what made them so? The boys were eating nothing but MNC's crunchies, munchies, crispies, colas, burgers, Pizzas, bakery foods and chocolate related stuff. Who is buying for them ? The elders. THE ELDERS WHO FORGOT WHAT OUR ANCESTORS ATE. The elders WHO BLINDLY FOLLOW TV Advertisements of 'compleeetely planned foods(?)' (Later they may not even expel their own excreta, that's another matter). They forgot the variety of food grains, variety of millets, Greenleaf vegetables, vegetables, sprouted seeds, whole grains, fruits and all the good preparations they could make using them.

WHY ARE THEY FORGETTING? Due to systematic destruction of the ‘good values’ in our society by perfectly planned campaigns by MNCs and our OWN SLAVE governments, lobbyists and media, publishing houses and newspapers. They make our ‘good things’ like Bottle guard, Ridge Guard, millets and whole grains and traditional foods in to a farce, make jokes out of them and corrupt our minds. NOT A SINGLE INTELLECTUAL PERSON SPEAKS against such deeds. No SOCIALITES open their mouths and condemn such practices. NO NEWSPAPER writes columns about them. Slavery of thought processes too. Wake up people.

Revive all local millets, local desi varieties of grains, pulses and green leafy vegetables. Eat complex foods, raw, whole grained, sprouted. Eat local fruits of the season. Are you aware that our forefathers were eating more than 100 varieties of green leaf vegetables? Now we don’t even find more than 6-7 of them. Why? Respect the ancient wisdom and protect your young. Make this your mantra.

Dr. Sudha R. Nambisan

I wish I had hugged her and met her one more time ....

Thanks a lot Karen Ingalls for putting this blog on my facebook page. I recently lost a good friend to Blood Cancer Leukaemia - we used to meet while picking up our daughters outside the school.
She was a Doctor herself and her daughter and my daughter joined their First Day at school together hitting off so well as little toddlers...
I still can't get over it somehow... Just read your post that 'God needed him more' and the block I was feeling in putting this down somehow lifted... I wept. I wept and sobbed the whole day and prayed for her soul to rest in peace.
I explained to my daughter that her best friend's Mom has gone to Ganesha, God to help him in his work of taking care of the earth and all the little ones and parents here.
Sending you all my best wishes n hugs.
Hope my prayers do reach her too .... will miss her forever, I wish I had met her just that one more time again and hugged her one more time so tight...

Borderline ....

Borderline 1/Jan/2001

There’s a thin line between right and wrong.
Of justice done wrongly.
And injustice pulled on the right.
And yet the border between the two lines drawn  is straight.

Wherefrom will justice come when the eyes are blind.
While the cloak of love and emotions do not see.
What’s right and has to be.
Needs no ears, no eyes, and no proof but remains to be.

Yet there’s a thin border line between right and wrong.
Just when the wind blows the curtains shall fall.
That’s when the right will have justice.
And that’s when truth shall prevail that’s all.
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
All Rights Reserved. 
Published in my book 'From the Silence Within' available in Crossword, via Amazon, uRead sites.

Ai Giri Nandini ... may Goddess Durga be always with the Truthful, the Righteous part in all of us and may good sense and truth prevail.

ek dantaya vakratundaya by shankar mahadevan - Happy Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Pongal

What would you do?

Would you care for sunshine if there were no rain?  
Would you take more care, if you had no pain?
Would you smile a little more, if tears did not flow?
Would you go that extra mile, if you knew there was no tomorrow?

What would you do?
What would you do?
What would you do just to be true?
What would you do simply to live true?

Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mere Nishaan Full HD Audio Song | OH MY GOD (2012) | Akshay Kumar, Pare...

How many more candles do we have to burn before the end of this dark long twilight?

"What tears does one cry when at the frontiers our soldiers die?
What ways to express pain, shock, disbelief for those who are our own?
Did they deserve to be hacked,shredded by a neighbouring friendly enemy?
Did they deserve to die unsung, unheard, unwept ?

How many more will they kill and burn ?
How many more candles will we need to spread light?
How many more candles will we have to burn ?  

Wherefrom will words come, how will the silent screams be heard ?
 Is anyone there who IS listening?

Yet how many hearts will have to burn?
Till fortune to our favour boldly turns.
The light inside that was once lit aflame.
Is flickering silently in the night alone in pain.

How many candles will we have to light?
How many lamps will be lit on hearths tonight?
How much more injustice will one suffer?
How many before the pass of this dark twilight ?
copyright madhavi sood alias madhavi mohandas 2013
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My BookChums Guest blog article on Crimes against Women and Minors

Sharing my Article with you. Thanks for Reading and look forward to more comments, addendums, Views, Counter views - all are welcome to share and discuss.