Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#Delhi gang-rape case... Human Rights violation?

29th Jan’2013 ..... “On Human Rights and their violation #Delhi gang-rape case”
A Crime is a Crime is a Crime and needs to be addressed, investigated and punished under all circumstances, each time and every time ...... Being an adult or a juvenile is immaterial, does not matter in the eyes of the law and Justice and equality of Justice for one and all .... !!! 
Does the victim of the #Delhigang-rape as Nirbhaya, Brave heart, Damini - have no human rights?  Did she deserve to die thus? Did she not deserve a better deal, a better life where she could get justice ?

Why are we afraid to call a spade a spade ?
Why is the obvious always to be stated, over stated, debated, discussed but action takes so long ?? Why? 

Where from will Justice come ? Is it not enough to know that a barbaric heinous crime was committed and ALL those who were part of this demonic act have to be punished? Where does age come in all this ? 

Does her soul departed not deserve justice and all those too who have been gang-raped, molested and victimised - do they all not have human rights and are their Rights not violated ?!!  

When they are gang-raped, molested or murdered are their ‘human rights’ not violated?
What is your stand ............... !! ?

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