Thursday, January 17, 2013

On Wings to fly high whilst being grounded firmly with my Roots. PART-1

On Wings to fly yet grounded to the Roots PART 1
" I just managed to water the plants in my own hand-made back yard garden.... I had been neglecting it for some time now because of my back problem..... Just as I carried small pails of water, sprinkling water down on to the dry earth, I could almost hear a perceptible gurgle, glugging sound - as if the soil and the roots both were working in tandem, absorbing water so thirstily .... and I could smell again the dank wet earth,.. the most wonderful of all fragrances as I perceive ..... I sat down on the ground, cross legged with my little one, chatting with her as she said and noticed herself the sudden joyful happy calm that had set in and noticed the fresh clean and wet leaves nodding themselves as if to whisper a 'Thank you' even as I myself said 'Sorry dear plants and Thank you in the same breath... ' !!
Suddenly, felt rejuvenated as if a big weight and worry was off my chest!
I just realised how in my own little problems of day to day living I had overlooked these silent wonderful plant beings (as I call them).... who give, give and give us so much fresh clean air and add joys to an otherwise existence spent chasing dreams....."
I'm glad and grateful to chase them dreams, those goals, whilst staying grounded to the soil....

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