Monday, January 14, 2013

Sharing a Post from my friend .... A Wake UP CALL.

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3 young cousins came to a doctors Clinic. They are Diabetics. Surprised? Yes, they are aged 17, 18 and 19 years only. They are already taking 30 units of Insulin in morning and evening. The indirect developments are : They are hyperactive for a few moments and collapsing like ICU patients for a few moments next. Other symptoms are, Spurts of anger, throwing away objects, pushing away food, unable to sleep at night and utterly restless. HbA1c test values from 9 plus to 11 plus. What can the other systems do to help them? They turned to Homoeopathy.

NOW THE BIG QUESTION is ::: what made them so? The boys were eating nothing but MNC's crunchies, munchies, crispies, colas, burgers, Pizzas, bakery foods and chocolate related stuff. Who is buying for them ? The elders. THE ELDERS WHO FORGOT WHAT OUR ANCESTORS ATE. The elders WHO BLINDLY FOLLOW TV Advertisements of 'compleeetely planned foods(?)' (Later they may not even expel their own excreta, that's another matter). They forgot the variety of food grains, variety of millets, Greenleaf vegetables, vegetables, sprouted seeds, whole grains, fruits and all the good preparations they could make using them.

WHY ARE THEY FORGETTING? Due to systematic destruction of the ‘good values’ in our society by perfectly planned campaigns by MNCs and our OWN SLAVE governments, lobbyists and media, publishing houses and newspapers. They make our ‘good things’ like Bottle guard, Ridge Guard, millets and whole grains and traditional foods in to a farce, make jokes out of them and corrupt our minds. NOT A SINGLE INTELLECTUAL PERSON SPEAKS against such deeds. No SOCIALITES open their mouths and condemn such practices. NO NEWSPAPER writes columns about them. Slavery of thought processes too. Wake up people.

Revive all local millets, local desi varieties of grains, pulses and green leafy vegetables. Eat complex foods, raw, whole grained, sprouted. Eat local fruits of the season. Are you aware that our forefathers were eating more than 100 varieties of green leaf vegetables? Now we don’t even find more than 6-7 of them. Why? Respect the ancient wisdom and protect your young. Make this your mantra.

Dr. Sudha R. Nambisan

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