Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'A Battle in vain'

9th Aug 1999.

“A Battle in vain …  ?!!? ”

Proudly flutters the flag on mast, high, atop snow-laden peaks
Signalling Victory, bugles sound.
Soldiers proudly salute, swollen chests, eyes aflare.
Yet clouds cast shadows over Victory glare.
Tangled bodies spewn all over, mutilated hands, legs,
torn  heads and bullets  speak of a story rare.

Unknown Soldiers fought till their last breaths -
So we may live the  ‘fresh air of freedom’.
Naught from death, poverty, squalor or corruption -
But free, yes ‘free’ as a bird flies the open skies …

‘Soldiers’ -  True to the Word ; laid down their lives
“Died Doing  their Duty” – as some may say
and we have given in spirit for them and families.
And  yet is this all that we can do and pray ?

And shamefully acquiesce to lead lives,
Where falsehood, greed and the corrupt rule and overrule !!!
Is this for wont the battle was fought and won ?
When ‘truth’ lies hidden and in shatters
and all that we do is merely judge, discuss, gossip and chatter ??

Does money and its acquisition is All what’s battled for ??
‘Forsake Duty and others will forsake You’
was what was well-meant and taught over the ages …
but evaded long back, buried and now is past.

Yet the struggle for power goes on.
Marching to the tune of ‘jingles’ and ‘jingo-ism’
Led by images, unlike deeds !!
Dancing to Rock and rocking from the good,
the bad and unto the ugly indeed !!!

What’s the matter with all of us?
Queueing up, jostling, pushing and squashing  each other
And people still not taking heed … ?
What for does one live – to die unheard, unwept, uncared
Or to be engraved on stones and pillars
with  names carved on graves of pride ?

Will the Victory bugles blown – guns flared and flag unfurled proud
be just a moment captured in time ?
Will we forget history yet again ?
Or is it to  ‘live and let live’  will be our prime.

And cherish the battle won by living together as “ONE”
Let this battle and lives lost not yet go in vain …
© Madhavi Mohandas alias Madhavi Sood. 1999
All rights Reserved.
Published in ‘From the Silence Within’

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