Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life's all about learning to Dance in the rain...

Indeed, I too believe and have known now from my own personal experiences too that  "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ... it's about learning to dance in the rain! - Quoted by Vivian Greene"

Another  Poem    :  Dancing in the Rain -  24th July'13.       
So many choices and options to choose from.
 Sometimes Life's simply a long roller coaster ride. 
Yet, I am tested, each time and every time.
Taking in all, the happy, the sad and even the unpleasant, in stride.

The rising and the falling of it all.
The growing pangs, those banters, all those questions...
Wanting, wishing and hoping to grow up overnight!
Knowing and learning, the wrong from right!

Why wait for another day to pass through ?
When joys and smiles come from hugs too!
Let me today dance in the rain!
Forgetting all worries, cares and pain.

Outstretched arms, raised now high.
Letting those raindrops fall.
Drenched my soul with joy and laughter.
So the smiles stays on long after... 

Dancing in the rain, oblivious to the storm.
Moving, turning, reaching out to my soul.
Effervescent, bubbling music - still dancing on.
Prayers in my heart, painting rainbows until I'm gone.

Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas July'2013. All Rights Reserved

In gratitude On Guru Purnima

"In deep gratitude to all my Gurus, all my Teachers, my Doctors me who have inspired me, guided me in so many ways and to all those known and unknown people who have inspired with their words and deed, by just being there... Happy GuruPurnima... 

What are we, without a guiding light?  

Without one who shows us sometimes the way. 
One who so silently, yet firmly stay with us in prayers and thoughts..." 
          Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas, July 2013.

Friday, July 19, 2013

On Retrospect. #PrayersforIndians #RiseInIndianConsciousness

"My heart and soul weeps and burns in anguish and sorrow for all the little ones who lost their lives, bearing the brunt of sheer negligence and apathy of those who could have done, but did not take care! Why ? Why so much apathy and callousness?
Its high time that the Indian Consciousness Rises to shake itself out of its own reverie, buried beneath wraps of materialism and short term maladies... To Rise Above and reach out to other Fellow Indians and pull them out of the doldrums... Rise and Reach out, making a positive mark upon the world - so our heads don't hang in shame but we can face our own selves squarely and with pride say, "Yes, I am Proud to be Indian! And I'm blessed to be born here in wonderful India !"  Let our Good deeds speak and may we all strive to be!

A Silent Prayer for all those souls, may they rest in peace... And Praying for #RiseInIndianConsciousness"
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2013. Author of 'From the Silence Within'