Sunday, March 12, 2023

Reaching out to Destiny

                            Reaching out to Destiny     - 18th May'2004

I wish I could reach out to Destiny.

And hold it firmly in my palms.

Knowing what is to be and come.

Perhaps Life would give me yet another chance.

If I know now, what I would know in the morrows to come.

Would I yet go on living the way I do today.

Or would I push myself harder.

Riding over those currents and waves.

Would I choose to be different, I wonder.

Or would I strive more or simply jest a little louder.

Or would I flow with the tide.

Taking on everything in my stride.

I wish if I could realise all my dreams.

Maybe I am destined for.

More than what comes my way.

If only I could reach out to my destiny today.

Would I choose to change the world around?

Or make a statement more profound.

Or would I let things be.

And yet move ahead, reaching out to Destiny.

© Madhavi Sood  May 2004

Published by Leadstart Publishers in my Book 'From the Silence Within'


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chanting your holy name - 31st Mar'2017

'Chanting your holy name'   - 31st March'2017

Let me drown in the magic of your holy name.
Let me forget everything else today but chant your name.
O Divine! Show me the light!
Let me sing your glory from morn to night.

O Divine! Let me move on with faith in your name.
Let me never fail to chant your name.
For in my pain, you have shown me joy..
So I can live on another day, another time with joy ...

Seize the day!

Seize the day!!

"Before the clock strikes the next chime...
And the minutes roll onto another time ..
Seize onto this day!!
Do, be all that you can today! "

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 !

Wishing All my Family & friends a Very Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year 2016!
Hoping it ushers in more #Peace and #Harmony and #abundance for All of us!
Best Wishes

Monday, December 7, 2015

On my heart penned joyfully

“On My heart penned joyfully”                                 2nd Nov’2015
O! How joyful can my heart be!
And reach out to my destiny.
To see the sunshine in the rain.
And laugh and sing, even in pain.

O! How joyful can my heart be!
To see the wonder of all that is and can be!
To strike out onto a path unknown…
And yet plant seeds of faith and love grown…

Feeling blessed, simply to be alive!
Moving on from day to day with a song and a jive!
O! How joyful can my heart be!
Moving onto my Destiny!

Come what future may.
Fill up my lamp with oil, is all I pray…
So I can sing and dance and laugh.
And reach out to all…
Sprinkling hope and love with my magical staff.

O! How joyful, grateful can my ever hopeful heart be!
Reaching out once again to my Destiny!

© Madhavi Mohandas alias Madhavi Sood   November’2015.
(Author of the Book ‘From the Silence Within’)

What If .....? 11th Sept'2015 (A poem)

What If ...?                                                              11th Sept’2015

"What if, what if I knew then what I know now...
 would life give me another chance?
Another way to be or yet another reason to see?

What if, What if I could live another day by, simply being me...
Would I really be myself or someone you see?

What if, what if all that's passed could somehow be undone...
Would another one life be saved, someone living yet, not past..
There's more to life than merely living .... 
from the daily din to all those lost smiles and grins…
And all the glad laughter, the lost time and spaces and innocent chatter...

What if, What if I knew then what I know now...
Would it all really change anything, would it really matter?
Would time stand still as it does now...

Of gone past years and of feelings unspoken…
Of all those times when words somehow failed...
What if, what if I only knew...
What if I knew then, what I know now....

Would it all really matter?
What If ...?"
© Madhavi Sood (Madhavi Mohandas) 11th September 2015

Praying for Sunshine and Safety of All in #ChennaiRains

" A Humble Request- Asking for Renewed prayers for the Safety of All my friends & families and All those Armed Forces Soldiers & officers who are out there on Rescue mission to Please Be Safe!"
"I believe, God answers even the smallest of prayers made by the tiniest of ants...and the whispers of the most helpless...
Lets pray together for sunshine in ‪#‎Chennairains‬ 

Hoping All is Well ... Praying All turns out well and they are all safe despite everything!
Asking Everyone of You to pray from wherever you are...
May God bless the people in Chennai & More so to All the Armed Forces who are going all out to rescue the stranded in flooded parts of Chennai."
Thanks a million!
A small tiny prayer, goes a very long way .... "  

Just to Re-affirm my Faith in the miracle called Life, lived with abiding Faith, unending love , tireless striving and eternal hope... 
Let your Faith roar more louder than any doubt! Go stronger! In the end it's only love that wins... And Truth always prevails, trust me ! smile emoticon 
These are clouds that will blow away ... let the sunshine in!! 
Humble request to All to pray for sunshine ‪#‎Chennairains‬ ..
Praying for all my friends & families and all those who live in around Chennai and also for All the Armed Forces who have been called in for relief and rescue work... 
Please give them more courage and sunshine and All that's needed in kind for bringing back normalcy to Chennai !
smile emoticon heart emoticon