Thursday, January 10, 2013

How many more candles do we have to burn before the end of this dark long twilight?

"What tears does one cry when at the frontiers our soldiers die?
What ways to express pain, shock, disbelief for those who are our own?
Did they deserve to be hacked,shredded by a neighbouring friendly enemy?
Did they deserve to die unsung, unheard, unwept ?

How many more will they kill and burn ?
How many more candles will we need to spread light?
How many more candles will we have to burn ?  

Wherefrom will words come, how will the silent screams be heard ?
 Is anyone there who IS listening?

Yet how many hearts will have to burn?
Till fortune to our favour boldly turns.
The light inside that was once lit aflame.
Is flickering silently in the night alone in pain.

How many candles will we have to light?
How many lamps will be lit on hearths tonight?
How much more injustice will one suffer?
How many before the pass of this dark twilight ?
copyright madhavi sood alias madhavi mohandas 2013
All Rights Reserved.

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