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OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OF INDIA - For Safety of ALL minors, babies and women in India.

Just wrote an Open Letter to the President under grievances and including the file here.

Open Letter To the President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.  – 22nd Dec’2012
Respected and Honorable President,
Its indeed an honor and a privilege in a vast and wonderful country like India which is so much repected and loved by not only each Indian but also so many abroad; Sir that the Power to Do rises in your sanguine persona and shoulders.

Sir, This comes to you in the wake of the horrifying, shocking and beastly acts of rape that has happened and which must also have pained you Sir as much as it has raised the shackles of one and all Indians.

Sir, last night I dreamt that I was the victim being chased and it was a very terrible nightmare... yet I also dreamt Sir of you issuing a Press Conference where You had given and announced a statement of justice and punishment for the rapists....

Whilst I type this letter, I have a fear that somewhere in India in the villages and towns some unwary innocent minor, girl or boy or woman or even a baby is getting raped and their sanctity being violated. 
Just recently we heard of another Gang rape of a Minor girl in Baramati, when the whole Nation is shell shocked and Protesting to get justice for the 23 yr Delhi gang rape victim fighting a battle of life and death in the ICU!! Why Sir is this happening ?
I ask you to analyse this along with the distinguished team of learned members and intellects and authorities in power and security who could turnaround the situation by giving speedy Justice to the victims and mete out the severest punishment to the molesters, rapists who deserve it.
So that at least we could move safely without fear and live in peace?
I'm a Mother too of a wonderful kid myself and feel that ALL kids  girls and boys and Women MUST BE SAFE.
 Is it too much to Ask for Safety, Security and being able to move without fear. India being the Land of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore who dreamt and wrote of a land without fear “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high ...... Let my country awake!“ Where from will it happen Honorable President Sir, when Criminals, the Judiciary and security Officials and staff all go hand in glove in Crime when Justice delayed is injustice done...
Why even infant foeticide, atrocities and violence on Maa and Janini Matrobhoomi go unpunished in a Country where we proudly Worship the very soil Mother India, the Rivers and even little girls during the Navratri festivals and Women are put up on a pedstal...yet Sir, with due respect to your authority as President of such a wonderful Nation as ours, we Women, girls and unborn girls have to be snuffed, killed, molested or raped ? Why and to prove what supremacy or power over the weaker sex do these Mahishasuras donned sometimes as saviours garbed in uniform too wreak havoc onto Women and our collective psyche??

Or do we Women have to take up cudgels and spears on the streets like the ever worshipped Durgaa Maa to chop off all those people who behave akin to the Mahishasura demon ; whether in crime or accomplice to crime or even towards those Sir who are not discharging their duties.
I’m penning this down deeply disturbed and in anguish and also with a ray of hope that thsi Open Letter Reaches you too Sir and praying that Justice be done swiftly through your Courts and through your univocal Voice Sir.
Enough is Enough – yet awaiting and seeking your Authority to implement Fast Justice in ALL such cases of Crime; so that we as a Super power Rise and our ancestors too be proud of the Legacy taht you and all Indians carry with us Sir.

In my opinion, Honorable President Sir perhaps in the rarest case of history in India – You who wield the highest Power of Authority I beseech and request you to consider these steps :
1.  Nab the rapists, condemn to life sentence with similar suffering they have inflicted.
2.  Punishment to Rapists = by castrating + cutting off their instruments and organs of rape. Make this also known to all, so that men would get jitters and Think twice before committing such a heinous crime that affects a whole generation.
3.  Provide Counselling - RAPE IS A PUNISHABLE OFFENCE. Sensitise people awareness to victims pain. CHANGE attitudes of People towards Women- who are NOT commodities but living people too with souls and wishes and dreams and desires to be.
4.  Reward those who discharge duties properly and Punish authorities who are slack and slip doing their duty - if not SACK THEM and make the reason publicly known. Have more Women as Security personnel – create opportunities to train them and deploy at black pockets in society.
6. HAVE TOLL FREE HELP LINES 24x7 AVAILABLE. ONE KEY punched SOS Number that could be tracked via GPRS to locate the mobile or tele no from the victim could dial for SOS HELP anytime and from anywhere in India. This WILL HELP PREVENT many Crimes,rapes from happening as the rapist could be nabbed before the act is committed. This would indirectly help POLICE WITH DOING THEIR DUTIES as well in a QUICKER and more EFFICIENT way.

7. MAKE Pepper sprays, shockers, and self defense perfume sprays cheaper and available off the shelf.
8. Make it compulsory for ALL children to learn Martial arts, teach them value education in the form of stories taken from real lives; SENSITISE THEM TO RAPE JUST AS WE HAVE TOLD THEM ABOUT BOMBS.

I am very optimistic Sir that You as the President of India Will address this burning shameful issue and ensure and give suitable justice, so that our future generations live safely.
I write this to you Sir asking you and on behalf of all the Women and Citizens of India to rise to the occasion that demands justice, safety and peace for all before its too late... because that person who is today battling life and death could tomorrow  be any body’s Grand daughter, niece, daughter, wife, aunt , sister or mother or baby or anyone; unless the fear of punishment and justice comes, wherefrom will there be peace and safety for one and all?

With all the highest respect to you and sincere regards and hoping to see you make that Announcement Sir.
Thanking You and With Best Wishes for a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead to You and all those who discharge their duties and are highly respected by all of us Citizens of India.

“Rape - Why, Why, Why?
Three letters that trouble and make me cry.
Why so much rape, bloodshed and hatred ?
That men spew over women and child or for caste or creed?
Why so much poverty, illiteracy and greed?
When food, freedom and love are really man’s basic need....

How many trees, women, girls babies will they rape, chop?
And finally when it’s all over whom or what will they mop?
Terrified children mislead to believe.
That they will inherit what their ancestors would choose to leave.... ?

Another wish from my daughter and on behalf of all the little girls and boys who deserve a better future in India – a song that she has sung out of my poem ‘Of dreams and wishes’  
and the link to another of my poems ‘From darkness take me unto light’
Copyright Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
(Author of ‘From the Silence Within’)
Dated :  22nd Dec 2012.  

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