Saturday, December 29, 2012

LEAP OUT TO A BETTER, SAFER INDIA and WORLD ... Keeping alight the Fire Within ..

Hello All Citizens of India and intellects : KEEP THE LIGHT ALIGHT WITHIN
Perhaps this LEAP year 2012 - maybe We will all take that Leap in faith for a Better, Safer and Progressive India ... I'm very sad, speechless, word less as I went on from my daily routine at home and work and my little daughter asking me why I was weeping? What do I tell her?
What do I tell my Beti ? What a shame it feels today that inspite of a medical student's 12 n half days struggle and battle for life and death - she did not get justice ? That Life lost again ?/ That the media is still hyping the Protest - not highlighting WHAT CONCRETE STEPS ARE BEING TAKEN TOWARDS JUSTICE. If I was a media person I would have sat outside the doorsteps of these very MP's, Judiciaries and Security Officials or even Home Minister or the PM or President - asking them WHAT STEPS HAVE THEY TAKEN OR DONE ?
I have already Written an Open Letter to the President almost a Week or more back expressing the same - For Future Safety of Each Child, Each Minor and Each Woman or Man in India.
Perhaps IF the PM's Office or President's OFFICEs are flooded by OPEN LETTERS - then maybe we will have a one step forward in this cause.

The Light in my home is still alight since morning .... will keep it alight symbolically through tonight ...
(Author of 'From the Silence Within')

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