Sunday, December 23, 2012

Praying for Change ; Demanding Change.

The PM, Home Minister and President of India must speak out and at least reassure those youth, if not apologise to ALL those injured by the Police at India Gate War Memorial. Where was the Defence Ministry officials or the Lady Police Women when we have been seeing live coverages of Women being lathi charged by Policemen - it IS a criminal offense to do so; if they don't know it, they must refer it with Retd. ?Commissioner Police Kiran Bedi. If it is OK for a Policeman to hit an unarmed peaceful protesting Woman?? Why does'nt anyone also book and punish the one who did this?  Deeply angered and shocked at the way all this has been man-handled by the Security and Politicians alike and that too on unarmed citizens!!
What IS happening?
Will Justice take so long that it no longer feels belonged? Will cries, anguish of scarred souls die in whimpers onto the dust ? Or will we CHANGE the rules, the rulebook before it rusts?

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