Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pics of myself Conducting a Workshop on 'Personality Development and Confidence building' at St. Mira's College on 17thDec2012.

17th Dec'2012 -  A video and pictures  of a part of my workshop with the Undergraduates at St. Mira's College. Felt very honored and humbled to be invited by them and special Thank you to all the Principal, Prof. Chavan and all the Students and staff who were so pro active and enjoyed themselves as much as I did speaking to them and answering their queries. On the whole a wonderful and hoping to be invited again.

Introducing my first book 'From the Silence Within'
Yes, WE have made a WEB connecting each ONE to the other - this is FUN !!
 It was fun talking, listening interacting and proactively participating ; playing games !

Thank you so much Professor for the opportunity and the honor, feel deeply touched and humbled.

Reaching out.
Putting thoughts down for All.

Feedback and notes from the 170 odd bright young minds!

And there's more to it ..... Don't ever Quit, Don't Stop, Move with Confidence.
A smile of pride from the Professor.
Its so good to see young minds write constructively .... trying to catch the expressions

Answering some query in the workshop.

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