Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nature nurtures silently, man plunders - WHY?

As I water my plants and slowly growing saplings, nurturing my little nursery at my back yard along with my little daughter and husband - I can't help but Thank the Lord Ganesha, God, energy divine, ShaktiMaa and Light for the Life that has been given to me. Nature nurtures us silently - forever giving, sometimes lashing back in fury, yet sustaining human and all life forms on earth. Then WHY is it difficult for people to live and let live? Why people plunder, deplete natural resources and nature without a second thought of tomorrow? Why men rape, kill and go on a rampage ? Are there no better ways to assert manliness or manhood than take it out on nature, children and women - the very sources that make men feel that they are MEN - men, who are the ones with stronger muscles to be caretakers since the times of early humans?
Is it that our society is going on a decline what with news of increasing crimes and atrocities and acts of shame done upon innocent souls ?
Where from will then there be peace, tolerance, justice, equality, education ? ....
 Going to give it a thought and perhaps find answers in silence and meditation.

Meditation for Peace, tolerance, brotherhood and love .... For Light to shine in each one of us and all our lives .. Copyright Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas 2012. 

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