Monday, April 8, 2013

The simple joys of Life open up a whole Universe of happiness.

" The Simple joys of Life open up a whole Universe of happiness."

I was reminded of my own childhood days when we would run out and play under the Sun without a clue of how long we had played outside instead of being glued to the Television watching Cartoons or playing virtual video games... (though I have nothing against either of it, excepting the fact of the time well-spent or ill spent during holidays... )
I remember My Dad taking us every night for an after dinner stroll as he slowly introduced us to stars, pointing them out. It was always a time of great bonding, talking about the whole day with me and my brother and his own day's work or worries that he would share with us.
We had great fun, I recollect now so vividly while both of us tried locating the Great bear, the Casseopia (its the constellation shaped like a 'W') , the Belt of Orion and the Pole star.

He would encourage us to read (and even does so now) and find out more about the Stars, the Milky way and the Comets and and showed us so many constellations to me and my brother as we walked alongside with him... We would be forever asking him questions, as he would patiently answer us back, as we walked together on either side holding his hands.

I still remember holding his fingers and now look on fondly myself as my daughter scampers off almost jumping to get her bear-hug from her Grandad now and walk alongside him as he now answers her umpteen questions and listens to all her little fairy stories with ever rising wonder....

Truly, its the simple things and little incidents that sum up to make a life filled with joy !!
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