Friday, July 13, 2012

Just now read and saw the shameless act of the mob mania attacking and molesting a young girl in Guwahati, Assam > Felt ashamed, aghast horrified, angered and anguished and absolutely like sh@@@@!!1. How Why did this happen? What about the girl - is she not someone's daughter, sister, cousin or aunt ?? Why are we as a society harbouring this 'chalta hai - jaane bhi do attitude.!!  Awaken from the shackles of such apathy!!  The guilty must be punished as publicly as the naked act of ruining a soul was done - Is the Human Right of that girl not violated ??? What Double standards and Hypocrisy we are trapping our minds into!!!!           THINK. ACT AFTER THAT ..... What is the way out ??? Will any amount of punishment repair the damage done?? Why did it happen in the first place?? WHY ?? WHY ? wHY? 

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