Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Save the Seeds of Life'- what would you do? 20 seconds Read.

'Save the Seeds of Life' - a true story. 

"Every mighty Oak you see today, was once a nut (Seed)"  - A small eye opener.

Some time back (nearly more than a month and half ago) my naughty seven half yr old daughter was busy collecting something in our back yard and from the road side.

I asked her, "What are you doing, collecting rubbish?"
She looked at me squarely in the face, opening her palms and said, "Mamma, don't you know, I'm collecting these seeds to save them ?", looking at me as if it was such a foolish question I had asked her.
"We need to save more seeds, see how the wind has blown so many of them?", she said in all her innocence and a maturity beyond her age, whilst busily stuffing some of them in her pockets. 

I was a little taken aback at her gesture and her thoughts, so I asked her, "Where did you learn this from, betu?"
She promptly looked at me and said, "Ma, you forgot our lesson in school on seeds, germination and sprouting and saplings turning to trees when planted in soil?  Remember, You taught me all about them and we did so many Questions & Answers and even grew our little nursery  in the tray, how could you forget so fast, Mamma?"

Now she was earnestly digging the soil with a sharp stone as I watched her shocked and mesmerised now.....
"See Maa, if we can plant all of them seeds then we will have a beautiful forest garden here and then maybe we could get some deer and tigers also to live here and then we don't have to go so far to the Zoo to see them?"
"What should we call it? Will the 'Tiger Forest Garden' be a good name? "

I felt a pang in my throat at her childhood naivety and her straightforward words and I promised myself to do something about this, as we both now squatted collecting all the seeds .....

...  What do You think You can do to save Seeds??  .....
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas (Author of 'From the Silence Within') 2012. 
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