Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prayers for Change.

"Is it wrong to dream of a wonderful reality?"

"Is it wrong to dream of a wonderful reality ?"              6th Aug’2012.

Why does my heart dream of a World full of love, care and brotherhood ?  
When stark reality spells, hammers out otherwise?
Why does my soul want peace, more green spaces.
Wishing for food, clean fresh air, clear blue skies and clean water aplenty.

When reality bites the dust.
Putting a snuff off life.....
I wonder am I living for real?
Is it wrong to dream of a Wonderful World ... 

Why one life fighting against another life?
How can people simply spill out strife?
Life killing out Life sparing none ?
While in prayers our source is One.

Why, Why, Why ? My heart cries out in anger and anguish.
Why so difficult to forgive, forget leaving doubts to banish.
Is it wrong to dream of a wonderful world with souls rare?
Who rise above, live and let live; being souls that care.
 © Madhavi Sood 2012 All Rights Reserved.


Jenuine said...

Thank you for and sharing your passion Madhavi! What a powerful and beautiful thing it is for poets, women, and humanity to connect across the globe unified in a vision for Change! I will look forward to reading more of your blog and poetry.

If you’d like to publish a poem from your book and link to, please email me at: inthewordsofwomyn[at]gmail[dot]com; we’re all about supporting and empowering womyn writers.

Write on!

madhavi sood said...

Dear Jenuine,
Thanks a lot for appreciating my poems and my work.
Indeed, I am so happy that like minded people are coming across and reaching out to one an all through creative poetry, writing and expression and I'm honored and fortunate to be a part of it through 100Thousand Poets for Change in the World and now also at
Even one little Voice is heard above and can make Change happen ....
Yes, I would love to put up some of my poems on your site and will be sending them soon.

My book is available via Amazon link

Thanks for supporting Women Writers and hope to connect with you and other Womyn writers in your forum.
Could I invite some of my friends too by sending them the link to your site ?
Thanks and best wishes....
Lets Together Write For Change!
Best Regards