Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poem of Hope- Winds of change blowing in

Poem 4  : "Winds of Change blowing in”                                 2ndJan’2002

I see winds of change blowing in
Progress sweet fruit of labour reaping in.
Time and space have moved and crossed.
Boundaries broken, new records marked.

From darkness light has to shine forth.
Pushing, spreading arms spearheading growth.
I can see people thrive-
By the dint of their sheer work come alive.

I can feel nature lush green in bounty.
Feeding one and all a plenty.
I can    feel the winds of change coming by.
Where each one wants to touch the sky.

I can feel the wheels of fortune spinning.
While each one for our country goes all out achieving.
I can feel peace and harmony come back to those tall peaks.
Where the sunshine and clouds.
Once scattered silvery blue streaks.

I can feel the fresh cool air of the mountains bring.
A summer full of hope and a bountiful spring.
I guess this all is not a mere daydream.
As I pray for peace to set in.

I can feel each atom vibrate.
As the music of the winds over rustling leaves gyrate.
I can feel the winds of change for better silently blowing in.
Truly I pray today for the winds of change to blow in.
Copyright Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
All Rights Reserved
Published in 'From the Silence Within' 
Leadstart Publishers (available in Paperback cover via Amazon, uRead, Flipkart etc sites)

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