Monday, July 16, 2012

Seeking Answers (poem)

"Seeking Answers to Life's questions profound.
While having been swept so many times around!
I will surely find my wings to fly.
And soar up high onto the rising sky..."   

What is my true purpose I often ask?
Whilst moving about from task to task.
Will the Universe answer my prayers?
Giving me signs and quiet answers.

I will meet the rainbow's end I know.
Making a mark with words penned in tow.
I will rise above and shine and be.
Raising dear ones too, to seek their true destiny...  "

© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012  All Rights Reserved.


Ann Delorme said...

Lovely poem.
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madhavi sood said...

Thanks @Ann Delorme for liking my poems & work. My book is available in Pune at 'Chapters & Verse Book Stores in Gera Plaza, Boat Club Rd, Pune AND in 'Akshardhara Book stores at S.B. Rd, Pune. It will be soon at Crossword and Landmark.
Thanks, shall follow your Blog and hoping to Read and Review your book & meet you soon.
Best Wishes for your Book Reading.
See you then.
All the Best!
Madhavi Sood