Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ganpati Atharvashirsha Prayers for all at the #Uttarakhand disaster

Praying for all .... Prayers for all the survivors and victims of the natural disaster at Uttarakhand .... Hope we all learn from this and not take Nature for granted...
Plundering, cutting forests, breaking the mountains can sometimes spell disasters.... yet we don't learn ! Wonder why ? ?
My heart goes out to all those innocent people and the tourists who were there, yet I'm angered greatly at the way the hills and mountains have been cut and concretised.... Would or could such a man induced be averted, if they were less erosion and down sizing of hills??
A food for thought for the town planners who have constructed concrete structures so heavy that even the hills slopes got eroded with heavy down pours .... ?

Wondering what to make out of all this yet cannot help but say a silent prayer - for peace, for people and for nature to be restored back in balance...

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