Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hugs a day ... gives hope and strength to move every day!

Sharing a wonderful blog post link written by my blog friend Marty (Marquita Herald) where she has spoken about the importance of hugs.... I loved reading and responding to this Article.
Thanks Marty for helping and lots of hugs to all my family and friends and all those who read this one too!
Hope you hug your nears and dear ones too every day, especially your little ones :) 
Hugs truly generate the 'happy hormones' that keep us healthy!

Check out this Video and song ...

With lots of hugs from me to you :)


madhavi sood said...

Trying to test the Comment box, if the new settings that I'm trying actually work :)

Prabha said...

Good One Madhu! Hugs do connect people s much! :)
A biiiiig hug for u too!

madhavi sood said...

Thanks Dear Prabha and big hug reciprocated to you too! :) I'm glad you read and liked it.
Lots of hugs n best wishes sent your way.