Monday, May 5, 2014

'True Life' - a poem from my book 'From the Silence Within'

"True Life"  10th May' 2000  
(Published in my book 'From the Silence Within' available in Crossword and via  Amazon, uRead websites.

Will I mark my time unheard, unwept, unsung?
Will I like all the others before me, simply be washed ashore?
Or will I ride over the currents; and the striking waves.
Plummeting, pummeling against jarring rocks.
Reach out onto distant lands and shores.

I can feel the tide sweeping over the sand.
Dragging me, drowning me at times.
Will I manage to get a foothold?
Will I be able to swim my way through?

Fleeting thoughts of rest and heavens beckon me.
But how can I lie down, while so much is yet to be accomplished ?
And those deep blue seas no longer fill me with awe.
For I know I have to dive deep down below.

Swimming, diving, searching the yawning depths.
I am sure one day I’ll find those precious quaint pearls.
And living, swimming; managing to keep afloat.
I realize what this means to be of True Life …

© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
Published in my book ‘From the Silence Within’

Available via Amazon, uRead, Bookchums sites and in Oxford and Crossword book stores PAN India.

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